This back up sensor for your car, is the next best thing to a personal valet. This system helps you not only identify appropriately sized parking spaces, but also maneuver into them. Using sensors on the rear bumpers to determine if available spots can accommodate your vehicle. During parking, the system employs those sensors to detect nearby objects that might not be in your field of view, using audible signals and illuminated displays to help you pull in. When the car approaches too close to an object in the detection zone, an alarm sounds, increasing the intensity in proportion to distance from the object, simultaneously displaying the direction and distance.

Our sensors are one of the only on the market to have a COLOR METER, SOUND, and the Distance DUAL METERS. This means that you not only hear the audible signals and illuminated displays but you also have two sides to the display. This way you know which side of your car is closer to an object and there is NO chance of hitting anything.